M731 – Screw-in cylinder double-acting, head flange


  • Cylindrical housing in cartridge design
  • Supply via oil channels
  •  5 models
  •  Maximum operating pressure 500 bar
  •  Strokes from 16 to 40 mm
  •  Clamping force up to 62 kN
  •  Pistons made of case hardened steel / housing bronzed


Screw-in cylinders are mainly used in multiple clamping devices and allow there a close arrangement of the individual elements, whose double design enables precise cycle times.

Please observe:

  •  The location of the lower oil feed can be located anywhere in the area outside of the fitting depth.
  •  The insertion chamfer and the bore of the upper oil infeed must be carefully rounded in order to prevent damage to the seals during assembly.
  • The base of the fixture hole serves as a stop during  return of the piston, therefore the dimension h  must absolutely be maintained.
  •  Dimension x applies for an operation pressure of 500 bar and a breaking strength of the material used of 500 N/mm2.

Subject to changes.