With Micromat block cylinders you have control of the forces!

Micromat Block cylinders can present the ideal solution due to their large range of force with compact design dimensions and thanks to short and precise cycle times for many manufacturing tasks. With functions such as:

Positioning, clamping, embossing, stamping, riveting, closing, opening, bending, drawing

proven also in the automotive branch, machine construction and mold making as for example in the also proven for example in the field of injection molding.

Technical Data

Force range: up to above 1000 kN
Standard strokes: 8-200mm
Installation position: as required
Piston speed: Vmax 0.5 m/s
Max. operating pressure: 500 bar
Operating temperature: Standard -10 to +60°C
Viton: on request
Piston transverse force should be avoided, in no case > 5% of the cylinder force
Medium: Mineral oil according to DIN 51524


Housing Material C45k bronzed, piston bore rolled or honed
Pistons: Single-part, material case hardened steel, piston rod seal in tandem design
Dimensional tolerances: as long as not otherwise indicated, according to DIN 7168m