With Micromat clamping cylinders you have control of the forces!

Micromat clamping cylinders are mainly used in multiple clamping devices and allow there a close arrangement of the individual elements, whose double design enables precise cycle times.

Technical Data

Force range: Clamping force up to 160 kN
Standard strokes: 20-50mm
Installation position: Fastening by flanging
Piston speed: Vmax 0.5 m/s
Max. operating pressure: 500 bar
Operating temperature: Standard -10 to +60°C
Viton: on request
Piston transverse force should be avoided, in no case > 5% of the cylinder force
Medium: Mineral oil according to DIN 51524


Housing Material C45k bronzed, piston bore rolled or honed
Pistons: Single-part, material case hardened steel, piston rod seal in tandem design
Dimensional tolerances: as long as not otherwise indicated, according to DIN 7168m