Swing clamp without swivel stroke

These do not perform any axial movement during the pivoting movement. This reduces the space required for the pivoting process to a minimum. Pivoting into small gaps or narrow ribs and clamping workpieces is no problem thanks to the pivoting on the plane.
In addition, Micromat swing clamps without swing stroke offer an integrated safety system for overhead machining. In the event of a sudden drop in pressure in the hydraulic system, the clamp executes its axial movement. The mechanical blocking of the rotation prevents the cylinder from turning open and the workpiece from falling out.

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Technical information Swing clamp without swing stroke

For technical information
For technical information


If pressure is applied to the swing clamp at port A, a specially grooved swing ring first moves down, causing the piston to rotate. During this rotary movement, the piston is mechanically blocked in the axial direction by steel balls. As soon as the swivel ring has reached its end position and the swivel movement of the piston has ended, the lock is released – the piston can now perform its clamping stroke downwards. When relaxing, the functionality is exactly the opposite. The piston first moves upwards in the axial direction and then swivels back into its starting position.


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