M530 – Wedge clamping element without position monitor

Area of use

Tools with beveled clamping edge are securely clamped with wedge clamping elements and also held with drop of pressure. The elements haven especially proven valuable with tools for pressure die casting machines and other pressing tools.


A guide element is flanged with clamping bolts on a double-acting block cylinder. The bevel of the tool is clamped with the bevel of the clamping bolt. Through construction with a large wedge angle the tool is held self-locking, also larger clamping edge tolerances are bridged.


• Strokes of 20-40 mm
• Clamping force up to 630 kN
• Compact design
• max. operating pressure 275 / 350 bar
• Design with or without position monitor
• Pistons made of case hardened steel

Important Instructions

Due to the transverse forces occurring while clamping with wedge clamping elements, the tools must be secured against moving, for example with positioning pins or stop elements.
The elements must be constructed in a way to protect against the penetration of dirt, chips, coolant, etc.
Lubrication of the wedge pins in the intervals adapted to the operating conditions must only be done in the retracted state.
In case of operating error the clamping pins are completely retracted into the housing and the tool part can fall out due to this.