M312 – Swing clamp cylinder double-acting, compact design, O-ring connection, base flange

  • Compact design
  • O-ring connection, flange below
  • max. operating pressure 250 bar


This hydraulic swing clamp is a pull cylinder, in which a part of the total stroke is used to turn the piston.

Swivel direction:

Swing clamps are optionally available right or left swiveling and without swiveling. The standard swivel angle is 90°, 60°, 45° and 0° (tolerance +/- 2°). Custom swivel angles can be supplied at any time on request.

Technical Data:

Piston mm 15
Rods mm 10
Swivel angle +- 2° 0,90,60,45
Operating pressure min. bar 30
Max. operating pressure bar 250
Tensile force max. kN 2.45
Swivel stroke mm 11
Clamping stroke mm 6
Total stroke mm 17
effective piston area (cm²)  Clamp  0.98
 Release  1.77
Oil consumption per stroke (cm³)  Clamp  1.37
 Release  3
allow. volume flow (cm³/s)  Clamp  6
 Release  6