M930: Position monitor

The position monitor is fastened on the cylinder floor, an actuating cam attached to the through piston rod triggers the function of the proximity switch. By moving the proximity switch in a longitudinal groove of the piston rod, the desired switch positions for messaging of released or clamped position are set.

On request other designs of switches are available in addition to the ones given below.

When using a position monitor the appropriate conditions of use and protective measures must be taken into account and ensured.


The position monitor is not suitable for use in the coolant area, in case of
chips suitable covers must be provided.

Technical Data

Switching function: closing
Output technology: PNP
Minimum distance of the switching positions: 13 mm
Ambient temperature: -25° C to +70° C
Operating voltage: 10 to 30 V DC
Residual ripple: W 15%
Continuous current max.: 200 mA
Nominal switching distance: 1.5 mm
Short circuit test: yes
Housing material: Steel, rust-free
Type of connection: Plug
Protection class according to DIN 40050: IP 67