M522 – Block cylinder double-acting aluminum housing, with side O-ring connection

Order example for standard configuration

Area of use

Block cylinders with position monitor are used with time- or cycle-bound clamping and releasing cycles and in automated systems.


The query for the position of the cylinder piston is done via electronic magnetic sensors, which capture the magnetic field of the piston. The switches can be freely adjusted b moving along the grooves.


  • Strokes from 20 to 100 mm
  • Compact design
  • max. operating pressure 350 bar
  • Switching points easily adjustable
  • 5 piston stages from 25 to 63 mm
  • Pistons: Case hardened steel
  • Housing: Aluminum, anodized

Important Instructions

Uncontrollable pressure surges and vibrations can occur during operation of cutting and punching tools, which can cause a drop in strength for aluminum. Therefore block cylinders with aluminum housings are not suitable for this purpose.
The magnetic field of the piston can be influenced by steel (adjacent steel parts, chips, etc.) If necessary a cover for the magnetic sensors must be provided.

More standard stroke variants of the M522 can be found on the CAD portal – together with detailed technical data, precise order numbers and the CAD data.

Order example for special configuration

M522-1-040-V with Viton seals for temperatures above 100°C
M522-2-032-40 Stroke shortening during extension via spacing disk, stroke: 40mm
M522-2-032-M12x15 Piston rod with male thread M12 x 15 (total length = L + 15 mm)
M522-2-032-S Stainless steel design

Detailed dimensional information of this design can be found in our PDF printed catalog.
3D models and other technical data are available in our CAD portal for download.