A 3D PDF data sheet of a specific product with its special technical data and a 3D presentation can be created (generated) in the CAD portal and downloaded. The following steps are necessary to do this:

1) Select the product – exact variant – in the CAD portal from Micromat.

2) Via “Step 2: Generate PDF data sheet” generate the desired 3D PDF from the CAD model. This can take some time. In the meantime you can execute other actions on the CAD portal (see note).

Important: You must log in to the CAD portal for this process.

3) You can download the 3D PDF data sheet either using the window “Actions” in the right column of the CAD portal or simply using “Step 3: Download already generated CAD model”. Here you recognize the 3D PDF data sheets by the type PDF as opposed to CAD  for any possible CAD models already existing, which are available to you for download from prior actions.

3D PDF data sheets are also, as the generated CAD models, automatically deleted after a certain time.