As soon as you are logged in to the CAD portal, you can order the desired CAD format to download in the left column via “CAD formats” and the following action “+ add CAD format”.

Important: In order that the action(s), which were saved under CAD formats, is (are) executed, next the CAD model of the selected item must be regenerated (designated as Step 2: Generate CAD model). Only then are the CAD data provided for download.

The CAD data are compressed (zip) for the download and can be opened again (unzip) with the appropriate program.

A download of the CAD data in the CAD portal is only possible for an already generated CAD model. If you select a new item, you must first generate the CAD model in order to receive the correct CAD data.

If you order the CAD data from the Micromat company website, this step is omitted and you must only select the desired CAD format in the order form.